Affiliate Marketing Dude Review

Affiliate Marketing Dude Review

Affiliate Marketing Dude is a program that offers internet marketing training.

Affiliate Marketing Dude Method Has Made Marcus and his students Millions Of Dollars Over The Last 20 Years

Founded by Marcus Campbell.

Marcus develops affiliate training programs that enable people to create simple 3-5 page websites to generate traffic and earn cash.

The program is ideal for both experienced and new online marketers looking to make that extra buck.

Newbies get to learn how to develop a website and generate traffic using SEO or PPC advertising.

Experienced marketers, on the other hand, get to learn how to create more traffic to their existing sites. also has video courses on:

  • Find the right keywords
  • How to write ads
  • Choose profitable niches
  • Develop a website
  • How to generate traffic
  • Build a website on a budget
  • How to find the best affiliate offers for a niche

How Works

To understand how the affiliate marketing dude works, it is essential to learn the process of each concept used in the system.

There are 5 essential skills the program trains users to do:

  1. Generating traffic
  2. Building a website
  3. Cost per action
  4. SEO
  5. Affiliate marketing

Building a Website

Once you sign up for the program, you will be directed to set up a website using BlueHost.

The sign-up package also comes with WordPress and plugins.

This step is pretty straightforward as the program has already automated most of the functions.

However, developing content for the 3-5 pages can be challenging, particularly for newbies.

Marcus knows this too well hence offers done-for-you website examples as a beginner option.

In case you experience a problem accessing the ready-made website, contact the customer support.

Learning About Affiliate Marketing

After creating a website, you will be guided to a short affiliate marketing course.

Affiliate marketing has become the most popular way of monetizing a website.

It is a form of compensation that rewards one or more affiliates for each customer or visitor using the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing is pretty straightforward.

The user only needs to choose an interest or his niche and create a website. Then he needs to create content about that niche to attract visitors to his website once visitors click on the links he earns revenue.

If you are not good at creating content you can outsource a skilled freelancer to create the content on your behalf.

Earning Revenue: Cost Per Action (CPA)

There are three compensation methods used in affiliate marketing:

The predominant method

Most affiliate programs use this technique.

Cost Per Sale and Cost Per Action compensation methods are used under the predominant method.

When using the CPS method of compensation, the referred visitor has to complete more actions before the affiliate is compensated.

As such, the affiliate needs to refer closely targeted traffic to the advertiser’s site

Diminished method

This method uses Cost Per Mille and Cost Per Click techniques and is applied in paid searches and display advertising.

It is the least popular method as only 1% of the conventional affiliate marketers use this method.

Cost per mille (CPM) requires the publisher or affiliate to advertise the product or service on a website view to earn a commission.

Cost Per Click, on the other hand, was the most popular compensation methods used in affiliate programs.

Affiliates are compensated based on the number of clicks made on their websites

Performance Marketing Method

This compensation method works as sales compensations, i.e., affiliated are compensated on a per sale and per quota basis. uses all three methods with a particular focus on cost per action.

As such, the affiliate marketer is compensated once a specific acquisition is made, i.e., a click, a sale, a newsletter sign up, or other action.

For this site, affiliates are paid once a visitor fills a form, i.e., the name and email.

The affiliate member gets $1-$3 if he successfully drives leads to the website offering commissions.

Leads, in this case, are potential customers.

Marcus explains that CPA is the most effective compensation method when it comes to affiliate marketing, as advertisers are only required to pay for the ad once the desired acquisition occurs.

The system also uses the Pay Per Click method, where the affiliate gets a commission once he recommends a product and CPC that compensates affiliated for generating traffic to the website.

Generating Traffic

A 3-5 page site is not going to rank on search engines overnight. Marcus knows this too well hence uses paid traffic for this system.

As such, unlike other websites that focus on creating organic traffic. trains affiliates on how to leverage on paid traffic.

Tools Used

  • Marcus Niche Files
  • Keyword spy
  • Google keyword planner
  • Hosting and domains
  • Market flipper training
  • Niche finding methods

AMD Training Courses

Here’s How The Model Works

Example 1

You can find keywords that cost 5-10 cents per click on Bing or AdSense.

You may find a suitable offer offering commissions too, e.g. .$15-$100 per sale.

Thus, if you have 1000 clicks in a day with a conversion rate of 10% (i.e., clicks that translate into sales), you could potentially earn $1088 in commission.

This is just an example when using a search engine like Google.

You need to try out other search engines and the numerous social media platforms to launch ad campaigns.

Social media ads tend to be much cheaper than search ads.

Example 2

You can test the campaign at $3 per day, i.e., $90 in a month and observe how the offer works.

Once you have mastered the system, you can scale up to a higher amount.

If the cost of finding keywords is still 12 cents and you get 1000 clicks with a conversion rate of 10%, then you can earn a commission of $33 in a day.


3/12 cents per click=25

25 clicks x 10%= 2.5 or 3 conversions

3 conversions x $12= $36

Net commission: $36-3=$33

AMD Training Courses

How to Use

Create Your Site, and Helps You Rank First on Search Engines

The model is based on helping members ranks on the first page if search engines.

The site achieves this through niche-specific marketing, a technique that involves finding a niche many people are looking for.

When looking for a profitable niche, you need to consider the competition from other websites as well if you want to attract traffic.

Paying to Create the WebSite

Creating a website with saves you the cost of paying for a domain name, hosting, and website template.

Luckily there are numerous tools to help design websites effortlessly.

Marcus promises to create a top-notch website, but there is no guarantee that it will generate returns.

Like everything it takes WORK.

The secret is to diversify by creating several sites and launching several campaigns using them though cost of creating a website may be prohibitive.

Tips for Making Profits with

The secret to successfully make profits using this affiliate program is to follow Marcus Rule to the letter.

He has been earning millions online since the year 2000.

It does not mean that your site will make profits within the first few days.

You have to be patient and not give up.

If you follow the right affiliate marketing techniques, you confident to make money over time.

The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing Dude

  • Find what people look for on the internet (low competition keywords)
  • Set up a website
  • While posting relevant content, run ads that pay you for traffic generated


  • The program uses the concept of simple websites
  • Plans offer step-by-step training
  • Marcus is keen to coach new members
  • Instructional videos are available
  • Practical examples are used to explain concepts


  • No free trial
  • No money-back guarantee

AMD Training Courses Payment Plans

Training Course

For the AMD course, you need to make a one-off payment of $297 or make three installments of $127 to gain access.

After making this payment you get:

  • A 90-day support
  • CPA profit files
  • In-depth training on niches
  • Plugins and software for the website (including free WordPress plugins)
  • Instructional videos and training books
  • Traffic plan and videos
  • Guide on how to choose Personal market niche
  • Guide on how to create a logo design and customer blog theme
  • Create killer content
  • Guide on how to perform affiliate marketing
  • Choose a top tier domain name
  • 30 days of customer support and mentoring. This particular package promises members within 48 hours of purchase

High Ticket Niche Hand-Picked By Marcus

AMD Training Courses

This package is available at the cost of $997.

You can also pay the amount in three installments of $397 to receive:

  • The top tier domain name and niche
  • Personalized market selection niche from Marcus high ticket niche
  • Logo design and customer blog theme
  • Instructional videos and traffic guide
  • Marcus profit plugins
  • Affiliate offer
  • A page loaded with killer content
  • 90 days of support and mentoring
  • Customer Support

Additional Costs

  • Web-hosting at $4 per month, Blue Host works best with AMD
  • Domain name available at $10 each year

Customer Support

Members can contact the support team or Marcus by telephone, email, or a live chat. You should receive a response within 48 hours.

In my experience, it’s usually the same day.

About Marcus Campbell

Marcus Campbell is the founder of

Marcus worked as a website designer.

In 2002, Marcus created his website and was making some good cash.

It was then that he decided to create websites.

He ventured into affiliate marketing.

Marcus earns profits from the sign-up fee from new members and commissions if his students use his advertisers.

In 2015 he went on to create Simple Sites Big Profits.


Who should use Affiliate Program

The site is suitable for anybody looking to learn about affiliate marketing or how to make money from home.

AMD Training Courses

Does offer Tools for Training?

Yes, the program provides a range of training tools, including instructional videos.

Marcus Campbell has a coaching session regardless of the plan you subscribe to.

Is Support Effective?

Yes, it is handy responding within 24-48 hours of receiving your ticket.

Marcus Campbell personally responds to most questions, but he also has a support team to help.

If you want to talk to a representative directly, consider using the 800 number.


After purchasing several other affiliate marketing courses from the top Clickbank marketers.

I have found the affiliate marketing dude far more valuable course.

This is why I would highly recommend the affiliate training program to anyone.

Setting up the website is pretty easy, taking up an hour at most.

The beauty of Marcus’ affiliate program is that it has three different compensation methods.

Members attest to using PPC and making money rapidly if the right keyword is used.

Marcus’s instructional videos are especially useful.

They provide step-by-step guides along with examples.

AMD Training Courses